In Lviv broke down the door at the entrance to the Council: there was a fight. Video

Во Львове выломали двери на входе в горсовет: произошла драка. Видео

Officials of the Council came to the protesters and tried to calm the crowd, but a constructive dialogue failed, according to the city Council.

In Lviv a group of protesters broke down the door to the city Council building and broke inside. On Wednesday, may 29, the press service of the city Council, reports the online edition of the with reference to the Correspondent.

“Persons who on the eve during the meeting of the Executive Committee doused the officials of the city Council unknown liquid, presumably dye, broke down the door at city hall and stormed inside. The protesters left the management of the Affairs of the Executive Committee March litvinyuk, Director of legal Department Elena Pankevich and the Director of the Department of the administration of mayor Eugene Boyko. Constructive conversation did not happen”, — stated in the message.

Fighters the shelf “Azov” destroyed two militants. Video

After the activists broke into the building, there began jostling and fighting.

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