In luck during extreme-jump the couple broke the rope: the guy crashed, the girl in intensive care

In luck, a young couple wanted to have fun on Valentine’s Day. The result of a failed jump from the tower (rope-jumping) guy died, and the girl is in intensive care. This was told by a friend of the victim.

У Луцьку під час екстрім-стрибка у пари обірвався трос: хлопець розбився, дівчина у реанімації

As told by the victims friend Daria Samchuk, a guy named Vlad, and the girl – Vic. He is one of Raisa, and she – a resident of luck. The jump took place from the tower, which is located in the PRC (Ershova, 5).

According to Daria Samchuk, the guy wanted to make a gift to the girl. The tragedy occurred on 15 February.

“The guy was fond of these jumping and decided on Valentine’s Day to give her a tandem jump, during a jump, broke the rope,” said she.

Note that a tandem jump is when two people jump at the same time.

In the Volyn regional centre of emergency medical aid and disaster medicine reported that the girl is now in intensive care in serious condition with fractures and head injuries.

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