In Lebanon, the identity of the attackers on peacekeepers was established UNIFIL

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 UNIFIL peacekeepers attackers identified in Lebanon

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Lebanon has identified the suspects in the murder of a Lebanese soldier who is in the country as part of the UNIFIL peacekeeping mission.

Reported by AFP.
< br /> On December 15, Private Sean Rooney was killed and three other soldiers were injured when their vehicle was attacked near the village of Al-Aqbiya in southern Lebanon.

so far none of them have been arrested and the security services are still looking for them”, — the source said

It is specified that the vehicle of the peacekeeping forces was fired at at least two people. According to the source, the attack was deliberate. A car with armed men followed the column of UN peacekeepers. Meanwhile, representatives of Hezbollah assure that the murder was not premeditated.

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