In Lapland built a unique hotel room on a tree

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 Unique hotel room built on a tree in Lapland

A unique hotel room has been built on a tree in Lapland. Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has created a spherical hut that is covered in 350 bird houses. nestled among the trees of the Harads forest at the Treehotel.

“Establishing bird nests is an important measure. Also, climate change is causing the insect boom to occur early in the year, and by the time the chicks hatch, the boom is over. Feeding is an important support mechanism for birds that stay in Northern Sweden and need food in the winter. Demonstrating the use of bird nests and feeding, not only at the Treehotel, but also for people who can install them near their homes, is very valuable. Treehotel's initiative to take such measures may inspire their guests to do the same,” the company said.

Guests will walk to their room via a suspension bridge.

“Changing individual sizes of bird nests and extending them outward, and depending on the type and frequency of birds in the area, light can penetrate into the interior while maintaining the appearance. Thanks to the arrangement of a new hotel room in an ecologically clean environment, guests are given the opportunity to get to know the birds in close proximity, being in the epicenter of nature,” BIG added.

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