In Kiev the girl on a motorcycle rammed a car

В Киеве девушка на мотоцикле протаранила легковушку

The girl was hospitalized from the accident scene.

In Kiev in the night of Wednesday, may 29, was another accident involving a motorcycle. In particular, at the intersection of Naberezhno-Rybalska and Electricians girl driving a Honda crashed into a Hyundai Elantra in foreign rooms, reports the with reference for Today.

So, the girl was riding in the company of bikers, but on the turn into the street of Electricians crashed into a passenger car. As a result, the girl was admitted to the hospital.

Recall recently in Kiev, the driver knocked on the sidewalk a man and a little girl. The victims – multiple fractures, they have a week in the hospital. That day Eugene was driving his four year old daughter in kindergarten, but an hour later they with multiple fractures of hands and feet were on hospital beds.

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