In Kiev the drunk driver staged a mass accident (VIDEO)

В Киеве пьяный водитель устроил массовую аварию (ВИДЕО)

Sunday, November 4, in Kiev there was a mass road accident with participation of four cars.

About it reports the edition “Informant”.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Valery Lobanovsky and the street Andrei Golovko. Morning around 08:45’s faced Mitsubishi Lancer, Volvo V40, Renault Logan and Lanos.

Volvo, Renault and Lanos was moving in the direction of the Sevastopol area. According to preliminary information, the car stopped at a red light. At this time in the oncoming lane was driving a Mitsubishi. For unknown reasons the driver of the Lancer drove into the oncoming lane on a turn. As a result, he rammed three cars and took off on the sidewalk, where he stopped.

According to witnesses, when they ran up to the Mitsubishi, the driver was covered in blood, he noticed a head injury. Also people reported that they felt from the man smell of alcohol. Rescuers cut man out of the car, as from the impact jammed the driver’s door.

As the resource “, Kiev Operative”, the police confirmed that the driver of the Mitsubishi was drunk. There also clarify that the Lancer was racing at high speed and driven in a Volvo. The last was thrown in a taxi Renault and the car Pestocafe brand Daewoo.

В Киеве пьяный водитель устроил массовую аварию (ВИДЕО)

Owing to road accident hospitalized two victims, the driver of the Mitsubishi and a man of Lanos, the last great traumas have not received. In addition, at the scene formed a large-scale tube — broken machine took two lanes out of three. The police are looking into the details and causes of the incident.

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