In Kiev the driver of the car left the moped in a bottle: there is a victim.

В Киеве водитель легковушки бросил в мопед бутылку: есть пострадавший

Between the car driver and the motorcycle was a conflict.

In Dniprovskyi district of Kyiv near the intersection of Perova Boulevard and prospect after Alisher Navoi there was an unpleasant incident. After the conflict between the mopedist and the driver of the car was hospitalized one person, reports the with reference to the Informant.

Call line emergency services arrived on may 27 at about 21:55.

According to the passenger of a moped Honda, they were moving along the Boulevard Perov in the direction Brovary Avenue. While driving between them and the driver of the Mercedes was a conflict. First the car a few times clipped the moped, and then began a verbal altercation.

During the conversation, the man pulled a two-wheeled to the curb. The mopedist has managed to get back to your lane. At this point one of the guys heard screaming: “I’m leg shot”, reached into the back seat and threw guys in a glass bottle.

After that the driver and passenger of the moped fell. The guy who sat in the back, suggested that the driver tried to escape the bottle and lost his balance. After the crime, the man not stopping the Mercedes on the left.

The mopedist needed medical care. He complained of a sharp pain in his leg. He was taken to the hospital, the other guy was not injured and remained at the place to give explanations patrol.

What exactly happened on the road and other details of the incident, will be found out by militiamen. I worked at a place the crew of the patrol police, medical and investigative team. At the time of registration of incident traffic on the Perov was partially hampered.

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