In Kiev taxi car flew in the summer terrace of the restaurant. Video

В Киеве автомобиль такси влетел в летнюю террасу ресторана. Видео

The blow Toyota flew in the summer terrace of the restaurant “may day”

In Kiev, on crossing of streets of Kaunas and the March accident involving the Chevrolet Aveo and Toyota Corolla taxi service “838”. The blow Toyota flew in the summer terrace of the restaurant “may day,” writes the with reference to the Informant.

The accident occurred on Saturday, June 1, at about 22:50.

According to the driver of the Chevrolet, he moved down the street of Kaunas in the direction of the Darnitsa area. In turn, the driver of the Toyota was driving down the street March in the direction of wood lane. At the intersection, a man driving the Corolla never missed a Chevrolet, from which he struck a taxi in the left side. The collision was so strong that Toyota took off on a roadside and flew to a summer terrace of restaurant “Mayday”. At the moment of impact in the affected part of the terrace was not a lot of visitors and none of them received injuries.

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Unfortunately, in the accident suffered both drivers. The man driving the Corolla was seriously injured legs and head, in the car, no airbag. He was hospitalized to the nearest hospital. The driver of the Chevrolet broken head but from the hospital, he refused. Both cars have received serious damages. Chevrolet badly damaged the entire front end and hood. The Toyota Corolla is a serious dent on the left side and smashed the front part, after a collision with a terrace. I worked at a place the crew of the patrol police, ambulance and investigative team. The details and the culprit of the accident will be determined by the investigation.

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