In Kiev on the bridge Paton “Moskvich” with an Arsenal of weapons crashed into a truck(video)

The driver of the car were injured, rescuers pulled him from the car to the trunk where the weapons and ammunition.

У Києві на мосту Патона "Москвич" з арсеналом зброї врізався у вантажівку(відео)

In Kiev on the bridge Paton, “Moskvich”, which was driving in the opposite lane, crashed into a truck, reports Rus.Media. It is reported on his page in Facebook. The driver of the car was badly damaged: it locked in the car, pulled out by rescuers. The man was hospitalized in critical condition in hospital No. 17, in the intensive care unit. In the trunk of the car were found weapons and ammunition. Bullet casings were scattered on the road. On-site work by police and experts-bomb experts.

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