In Kiev lost the student with attention deficit disorder

В Киеве пропал школьник с синдромом дефицита внимания

The child did not reach school.

In Kiev looking for 11-year-old Jaromir KARPUSHINA, which is today, may 30, left the house to school, but never got there. The last time the boy was seen at ulitsa Generala Zhmachenko, 14. He was from Darnytskyi Boulevard, 12, reports the with reference to the Informant.

Karpushin Jaromir went from home to school “Harmony” at 8:45.

Signs: height at about 155 to 157 inches, dark hair, slim body

В Киеве пропал школьник с синдромом дефицита внимания

Was dressed in a blue t-shirt with shark & pants sand color.

The boy had attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. The parents of the missing reported that the child often communicates with adults than with children.

In hersonshchina the boy choked a classmate unconscious

Updated. The boy was found. The baby got stuck in the Elevator and sat for hours without communication. A boy’s life is not in danger.

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