In Kiev looking for a teenage girl

В Киеве разыскивают девушку-подростка

She disappeared in the Desnyansky district.

In Kiev searching for 17-year-old Anastasia Yurievna Ulanova. Girl born in 2002 disappeared from the prospect of Mayakovsky, in Desnyanskiy district. Anastasia not contacted, her family, I hope to help in the search, reports the with reference to the Informant.

В Киеве разыскивают девушку-подростка

Features: on the 16-17 years old, height 160, slim build, dark hair below the shoulder blades, blue eyes.

Was dressed in a black skirt, white blouse, sunglasses.

Near Kiev were tied up and robbed a family of a lawyer

If you have any information about the possible whereabouts of Anastasia will notify by phone the police spetsliniyu “102”.

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