In Kiev, fraudsters have earned millions on the “fake” vouchers

В Киеве мошенницы заработали миллионы на «липовых» путевках

Zloumyshlennitsy have arranged the office.

After a few days, come summer — time of holidays and flights to tropical countries. And so it is especially important to carefully select the tour operator, not to be deceived, because summer is also a period of increasing variety of scams, reports the with reference to the Informant.

Recently got to court the case is about the crime, in which two ill-minded women earned about two million.

During the investigation, investigators found that the victims of a fraud were 39 people. Fraudsters offer them travel packages to Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus and the Emirates. After customers paid vouchers, criminals have stopped communicating.

Thus, two criminals seized two million hryvnia. However, they also had to spend money. For the success of their Scam, they rented an office in the capital and assigned it as a travel Agency.

In kiyevshchina the guy with the knife attacked a friend

Now the swindler threatens till 12 years with confiscation of property. Such a sanction envisaged by part 4 of article 190 (fraud committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons in especially large sizes) the Criminal code of Ukraine.

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