In Kiev beat the star of the show she zvazheni schaslivi Nicholas Voronova

В Киеве избили звезду шоу  Зважені та щасливі  Николая Ворошнова

In Kiev beat the star of the show, “she zvazheni schaslivi” Nicholas Voronov
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The man broke the lip and broke a tooth during a showdown on the road.

10 February in Kiev was beaten by the winner and participant of the popular Ukrainian TV show about losing weight, “she zvazheni schaslivi”. According to Nikolai Voronov, he was attacked on birch, before leaving for the Darnytsia bridge. It happened around 11 o’clock in the morning. Allegedly one of the participants “arrival” – the member of Parliament.

– I went on home, and it jumped right thing from under the sign “give way”. Had to vitormangraviti. He began to honk, expressing their dissatisfaction with such behavior on the road. A car cut in front of me braked, jumped out of two. Driver: representative appearance, with a Deputy’s badge on the lapel of his jacket, and from the passenger seat – guard in a raincoat with “ear”, who once “identified” the presence of firearms. A short skirmish in a raised voice like, “who are you honking” and “do you even know with whom to communicate”. Stopped another car seems to X5, there are two more… And here is the beginning I “arrive” in different ways. Similarly, direct “the target”. It is good that he stood his ground, because these could begin to “raise” with a sock… I Think to my great shame, I don’t even have responded, but it’s not exactly… Kind of kicks he received. So long to shovel. As much as nostalgia. A lot of “claret”, a half of a tooth, and of ruined a bit of lip, especially from the inside. OK so poprelease. But the face has passed the test of strength. Didn’t call the police, no announcement wrote, I do not believe in our justice, wrote Voronov on Facebook.

Her abuser, the man did not know, however, challenged him to a fair fight one on one. Before the SUV that was allegedly the Deputy, Voronov remember only the numbers of the license plate – 7747.

Nicholas was the winner of the first season of “Svajena Malevich”. Then he lost 85 pounds and weighed 90. However, the man vernusa on the ninth season of the TV show weighing 220 pounds. Alas, he was eliminated on the 15th week of the project.

In January he was beaten by the participant of season 6 of the TV show “that zvazheni schaslivi” Dmitry Ivanov. He stated that he was attacked by a former patient of the intensive care unit. Emaciated hero of the TV show have previously worked in this hospital, but resigned due to burnout syndrome.


Anita Lutsenko – Voronova about Nicholas: He is my friend for 8 years, but the scolding got me most of all

Leading reality, “she zvazheni schaslivi-9” said about the behind the scenes of this season.

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