In Kiev beat 14-year-old schoolgirl

В Киеве избили 14-летнюю школьницу

Police are looking for all participants of the fight.

In Kiev beat 14-year-old schoolgirl. The victim says she was attacked by a drunken woman. Provoked the conflict allegedly attacking the son – 12-year-old Yaroslav, which keeps at Bay one of the residential districts of the capital. Reporters understand the situation, reports the with reference for Today.

Victoria shiyanova the victim said that on that day she and a group of teenagers celebrated the birthday of one of friends. To celebrate they went to the river.

“We were sitting there resting, a boy said, “do you have a Cigarette?”. I say, “Well, no, what you do not understand. Well zadolbali already, you go on all four sides,” – said the schoolgirl.

Further events developed rapidly. She remembers that on the beach attacked the boy’s mother, grabbed her by the hair and tried several times to hit the stone. The victim managed to escape, however, already on the bridge caught up with her two girls and also started beating him.

“Could neither walk nor breathe. I just fell down. I spit, just blood,” said Victoria.

Later she realized that she had also gone mobile.

That same night the mother of the battered schoolgirl wrote about the incident on the Internet. From the comments it became clear that the boy, who complains about Vika, not just attack other children.

The mother of 12-year-old Yaroslava Tatiana Domashenko justifies it. Says, bill Vick some unknown girl.

“She started screaming at adults mats, bent there specifically all. And then began to be rude. Drunk. The girl was drunk”, – told his version of Tomashenko.

Neighbors say that the mother of the guy she abuses alcohol, and he is studying in a boarding school.

“He’s here all the time dangled. Cold sitting here in the porch is heated,” said a neighbor, Lyubov Dmitrievna.

School teen journalists found. The children say that he often fights with other students and rarely appears in the classroom. However, no problems with the law the guy was not there before. Chief inspector of the Dnieper police Department Anna Shevchuk said that he not was and in the field of law enforcement did not fall.

Police are now looking for all participants of the fight, opened two criminal proceedings on the fact of theft and causing slight injuries. If the guilt of Yaroslav or of his mother proves she will pay a fine up to five thousand hryvnia.

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