In Khmelnytsky remand prison had an unusual doctrine. Video

В Хмельницком СИЗО провели необычные учения. Видео

Law enforcement officers were trained to act in case of rebellion of prisoners.

Riot, mass disobedience in the prison — according to such scenario exercises were held in Khmelnytskyi. According to legend, a dozen prisoners escaped from the chambers and attacked workers of the prison service and law enforcement agencies. To training security guards companies attracted servicemen of the national guard and rescuers, reports the with reference to channel 5.

“Was the broken doors of the chamber rooms. Prisoners and convicts went into the inner courtyard of the institution…”, — the instructor training is voiced by a legend of doctrines that work in the detention center.

Then give orders as to quickly stop the riots: “the Main task — the displacement of prisoners, placing them at the chamber premises. During operation, the withdrawal of the most active participants and rebels.”

As rebels prison officers. For maximum realism use sticks, throwing water bottles and milk cartons. Subsequently moving into melee.

Training to fulfill the employees of the prison service, National guard soldiers and rescue workers. Chrezvychainyi, in particular, arrived at the fire in the detention center, which is scripted, staged by prisoners.

The exercise was attended by about fifty people. How to suppress a massive rebellion in the territory of the detention facility — ensures management exercises.

“There are issues on which we will work — arrival, processing, time. Cut it and work out the points of the joint cooperation. Inmates or prisoners may be armed with various metal objects, improvised subjects,” — says senior inspector of se “Khmelnitsky remand prison” Sergei Molotok.

First Deputy commander in/h 3053 NSU Dmitry Tower adds: “working on practical actions to combat formations: groups of seizure, freezing and other groups… This information is confidential because we do not disclose the order of their actions”.

Conduct training in Khmelnytsky SIZO decided because of the rebellion that occurred in the Odessa colony in the beginning of the week. Then as a result of collisions suffered by several members of the staff, and the prison set fire to the car.

“Our main task is to preserve the life and health of people, both staff and prisoners and prisoners. These classes were held at the proper level,” reports the Deputy head of the detention center Vadim ostapyuk.

In the U.S. there was a large-scale skirmish, there are victims. Video

Khmelnytsky remand prison is located in a busy location — right in the middle of the city. The institution contains about five hundred prisoners.

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