In Kherson man killed with a stick with nails due to ex-wife

На Херсонщине мужчину убили палкой с гвоздями из-за бывшей жены

A domestic dispute ended in tragedy.

The murder occurred in the village Stanislav Kherson region, reports the with reference to Depo.

The law enforcement field are looking for a male suspect in the murder. According to investigators, the man came to the village Stanislav to speak with his ex-wife.

The conversation quickly turned into a fight, screams heard the new woman’s husband. He stood up for her, then the assailant began to beat him with a stick with nails. The victim died on the spot, and the assailant left. Along the way he met another resident of the village and severely beaten the victim was hospitalized.

In the Kyiv region smugglers of weapons traded

At the moment the malefactor is not found.

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