In Kharkov after a rally pushed the monument to Zhukov. Video

В Харькове после митинга повалили памятник Жукову. Видео

At the scene, police are present

Sunday, June 2, in Kharkov the activists of the National body, say, the family and the Right sector, which staged a rally against the Congress party “Trust business”, demolished the monument to Marshal Zhukov. Protesters threw a rope to the bust of Soviet leader and broke it, writes the with reference to the Informant.

The “new” place activists established the Ukrainian flag. This became known from the post of member of the organization of the “Automaidan” and member of the Board of public control of NABOO Vitaly Ustimenko in Facebook.

After the rally, the protesters moved to the monument to Marshal Zhukov, where between them and the workers Corda scuffle. To knock down the monument is managed at the second attempt. At the moment the pedestal down the letters. Law enforcement officers try to disperse protesters near the monument, using gas.

Reference: Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov — Soviet General. Marshal of the Soviet Union (1943), four times Hero of the Soviet Union. In the postwar years was the popular nickname of “Marshal of the Victory”. The Minister of defence of the USSR (1955-1957). Member of the Presidium of the CPSU Central Committee (29 June—29 October 1957). During the great Patriotic war he successively held the positions of chief of the General staff, the commander of the front, member of the Supreme command, Deputy Supreme commander of the Armed Forces of the USSR. After the war he held the post of Commander of the Land forces, commanded Odessa, then the Urals military district. After the death of Joseph Stalin became the first Deputy Minister of defense of the USSR from 1955 to 1957 — the Soviet defense Minister. In 1957 expelled from the CPSU Central Committee, dismissed from all posts in the army and in 1958 dismissed.

In Kiev held a massive rally in support of political prisoners of the Kremlin. Video

Earlier, we reported that on may 18. on Tuesday, activists C14 defeated the construction of the ceiling of corrugated Board, which has blocked part of the street Instituskoj. In this place was to remove the pavement and to erect a memorial “to Heroes of Heavenly one hundred”.

Ploschi have harkovi knocked pogodda Zhukov

After povolena pogodda Zhukov, and participants of actions “Can povtoriti,” that “No revenge” ustanovili on postament prapor Ukrainy. Same pogodda pocha rozvivati hammers that akirame. On spin Zhukov zrobili tha “Cat”. Poperedzhennya: video prisutna profanity.

Gepostet von UA: Harkiv am Sonntag, 2. Juni 2019

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