In Kharkov, a man was forced to jump out the window

В Харькове мужчина вынудил гостя выпрыгнуть из окна

He was threatened with a knife.

Harkovchanin with a knife forced his guest to jump out the window of the 4th floor, for which he faces 7 years in prison. As announced on 3 June at the press service of the Kharkiv Prosecutor’s office, the fault of the attacker has been fully proved, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

We will remind, incident has happened in the past year, while drinking two companions spirits in the house of the attacker. During a conversation ensued a conflict, the owner closed the door and hit the guest in the back.

An attacker with a knife threatened a comrade’s murder and demand that he jumped out the window. The guest remained nothing how to meet this requirement.

During the fall he received severe injuries, but survived. Is reported that in the hospital, he came with multiple fractures and ruptures of internal organs.

The victim is 31-year-old man is paralyzed and needs constant care.

In Lviv the man was beaten to death by brother

The verdict has not yet entered into force, as the time for his appeal in the appellate court. The Prosecutor’s office demanded that the perpetrator was in custody.

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