In Kharkiv region the teenager was shot from a gun

В Харьковской области подросток застрелился из ружья

He killed himself the son of the mayor of Zmiev.

In the Kharkiv region was shot by 15-year-old, reports the press service of the police of the region, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

The tragedy occurred on may 25 in the town of Zmiev. The body of 15-year-old grandson was found by the grandfather.

“Previously, the teenager was shot from a shotgun. The weapon is registered”, — stated in the message.

The body of the deceased sent for forensic examination. The event information included in the Unified register of pre-trial investigations under the article “premeditated murder” Criminal code of Ukraine marked “suicide.”

In Kyiv region a month are searching for 19-year-old student

As it became known to the media from law enforcement sources, the dead teenager is the son of Deputy mayor of Zmiev. On the spot criminologists have found that the teenager was shot from a shotgun, which was assembled in the corner of the room.

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