In Kharkiv oblast guy survived after powerful electric shock

В Харьковской области парень выжил после мощного удара током

The student has received 80% burns.

Kharkiv doctors save the life of a 17-year-old student who received a powerful electric shock. Discharge almost 30 thousand volts Nikita was surprised when he wanted to jump off a railway bridge. The guy survived, but received 80% body burns and injuries, reports the with reference to TSN.

The guy was delivering an electric shock on a railway bridge over the river Oskol at Kupyansk. On holiday Nikita went with friends. Overcoming neskolkometrovuyu height the guy twice jumped off a bridge into the water, and then tried to climb to the top.

Discharge almost 30 000 volts Nikita was struck in that moment, when he wanted to jump off a railway bridge. Surprisingly, the boy survived, but suffered burns to 80% of the body, and multiple injuries.

16-year-old Victoria, which was also during the incident, said that from the jump Nikita discouraged the whole company. However, the friend did not listen. Didn’t stop the guy and signs about high voltage.

The crossing is not guarded, told the local. So up to this point and there is a regular gang of teenagers. This is not the first tragic incident on this bridge. A local resident recalls that ten years ago burned the guy.

Most likely Nikita were in the area of the electric arc, according to the scientists. “There is a fountain — wire, on which 27 thousand volts. To the arc formed, there must be a path of flow of this current. This path went through this kid,” says head of Department of power plants NTU “KPI” Alexander Lazurenko.

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Nikita’s condition is extremely serious. He received 80 percent of burns of a body. Except for heavy and deep burns, the fall, the boy suffered multiple injuries. “Has a traumatic brain injury. Injuries of the chest. The child’s condition is estimated as very heavy, but breathing on his own,” — said the Deputy chief physician Elena Poleshchuk.

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