In Khabarovsk, a military plane disappeared from radar: six people on board

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 In Khabarovsk, a military aircraft disappeared from radar: six people on board

The aircraft was performing a technical flight.

As it became known today, On September 22, a military aircraft AN-26, on board of which there were six crew members, disappeared from the radar. It is reported that the last time he was seen near the Khabarovsk airport, reports with reference to Comments.

After that, the board suddenly stopped communicating. The Ministry of Emergency Situations said that the aircraft was performing a technical flight. During it & nbsp; it was planned to check the communication system on board.

A helicopter was sent to search for the missing plane. However, he could not find him due to poor visibility. It was raining in Khabarovsk with a strong wind. It was decided to send ground groups. & Nbsp;

Recall that the plane of the British airline made an emergency landing. The aircraft flew from Pakistan to the UK. During the flight, one of the passengers became ill. The pilots made a decision to make an emergency landing and landed in the capital of Uzbekistan. At this time, the passenger died. The people were accommodated in the transit hall.

They also informed that a passenger plane made a hard landing in Russia. On board the aircraft there were 14 passengers and two crew members. A possible cause of the incident could be a failure of one of the engines. As a result of the incident, four people died. Rescue service personnel arrived at the scene. They freed people who were trapped in the cabin.

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