In Japan, women refused to go to work in heels

В Японии женщины отказались ходить на работу на каблуках

Girls are fighting for their rights.

In Japan, the women appealed to the government with a petition in protest against the fact that the dress code of many companies forced to wear at work high heels, reports the with reference to the Informant.

Participants of the campaign launched in social networks flash mob #KuToo — from a combination of Japanese words kutsu (shoes) and kutsuu (pain) with reference to the hashtag #MeToo. Activists also created a petition and called on the Japanese Ministry of health officially banned employers require women to wear heels.

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The author of the initiative became an actress Yumi Ishikawa. She has published in January tweet in which he complained about the requirement for female staff to wear heels. Her post immediately became viral. After the petition Ishikawa held talks with the representative of the Ministry of health of Japan. The official supported the movement #KuToo and said that “this is the first time such an initiative has reached the Ministry.”

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