In Japan, the victims of the heatwave were four people

В Японии жертвами аномальной жары стали четыре человека

More than two thousand people throughout Japan ended up in the hospital from heat stroke, four people died because of the heat.

“More than two thousand people across Japan appeared last week in the hospital with heat stroke. That’s four times more than in the previous week,” the message reads, according to the with reference to the UNN.

The fire Department of Japan reported that for the week ended may 26 from a heat stroke suffered by 2053 people.

“Four people died, 532 were hospitalized, and in 1476 was in the hospital with minor symptoms,” the report says.

Management reported that the number of people hospitalized has increased dramatically after last week in Japan was recorded unusual for this time of year the heat.

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For example in Hokkaido, in Northern Japan, the temperature has exceeded 39 degrees Celsius.

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