In Japan, a drunken police officer lost documents with personal information of 400 people

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 In Japan, a drunk policeman lost documents with personal information of 400 people

A Japanese police officer lost the documents of 400 people, including the suspect, after sitting in a bar.

According to Kyodo News, the incident took place on August 12th. The investigator and his colleagues went to a bar for a drink. After the feast, he went to see off his colleagues to the station, and then went home on foot, but he failed to get there.

On the way, he fell asleep on the street, and woke up only on the morning of August 13th. When he woke up, he found that he did not have a bag with working documents.

Later it turned out that the lost documents contained personal information – date of birth of the suspect, home address and place of work. Also, there was information of another 400 people.

Law enforcement officers have already established that no one has abused these materials.

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