In Japan, 20 cars collided at once: a lot of victims – video

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 20 cars collided in Japan at once: many injured – video < /p>

At least 15 people were injured. Creepy footage from the scene of the accident was published on social networks.

A large-scale accident occurred around 9:30 am local time on January 12 in Nara Prefecture. According to the police headquarters, the truck collided with a line of cars waiting for a traffic light at the exit of the Kenawa highway in Kashihara city.

About 20 cars were damaged in the accident. Roads around the scene have been closed, and rescue work continues. The footage released shows extensive damage to the vehicles.

“According to the prefectural fire department association, at least 15 people were injured, but most of them received minor injuries,” – According to Japanese media.

It is also specified that about ten people were taken to the hospital. They are in a conscious state. Note that no deaths were reported.

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