In Istanbul, boarded the plane with a pilot who lost consciousness

У Стамбулі сів літак з пілотом, котрий втратив свідомість

Fortunately, the plane landed successfully

Passengers of the airline company Pegasus Airlines has successfully landed in Istanbul. And this despite the fact that one of the pilots lost consciousness. Watch the video of a successful landing!

The commander of the crew of the aircraft flight Vienna – Istanbul lost consciousness during the flight, shortly before landing. The second pilot immediately contacted air traffic controllers at Istanbul airport and requested a priority landing.

Video of the landing was filmed by users on the network:

The second pilot alone put a Boeing 737 without incident. Immediately after landing, the aircraft commander was taken to the hospital. The diagnosis was not specified.

The incident occurred at the international airport named after Sabiha gökçen, a week after another event with the plane of Pegasus Airlines. Then the airliner skidded off the runway, fell from a height of 30 meters, crashed into a guardrail and broke apart. As a result, three people died and 180 were injured.

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