In Istanbul, a cat came on stage during a performance of the orchestra and the star of the show

У Стамбулі кішка вийшла на сцену під час виступу оркестру і зіркою шоу

In mid-February in Istanbul hosted the concert of classical music from the orchestra, CRR Symphony Orchestra in the concert hall, the Cemal reşit Rey. But the performance didn’t quite go according to plan – all because of a stray cat that came on the scene.

As seen in the funny video, the cat just walked on stage and approached the musicians of the different groups, asking to pet him. At some point the animal tried to grab, but she was not given into the hands. Then the cat jumped on a place of the conductor.

The audience reacted to every action of the animal with laughter and applause. In this concert she is not spoiled – having calmed down, the cat sat on the edge of the stage and began to listen to classical music.

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