In Israel, they found a way to prolong the freshness of products

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 Israel found a way to prolong food freshness

Israel has a well-deserved reputation as a leader in innovative high technology, including in the growing agricultural technology sector.

For example, Microbiome Pro startup extends the life of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the supply chain in order to significantly reduce the amount of fresh food thrown away, according to Ynet.

A startup has found a way to extend the shelf life of a product by eliminating the source of spoilage, whether it be mold, germs or other pathogens.

Startup Microbiome Pro uses a natural probiotic solution to prevent spoilage and extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by up to 100%. The solution consists of 7-9 “good” species of bacteria that compete with harmful pathogens that thrive on fresh produce. These beneficial bacteria consume the nutrients and space in which pests thrive, creating long-term protection against mold, pathogens and fungus.

Microbiome Pro innovation extends the shelf life of fresh produce in storage containers, warehouses, cold stores and throughout the post-harvest supply chain. This is a revolutionary step towards saving huge amounts of food around the world and reducing exorbitant financial losses.

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