In Israel, maternity leave is shorter than in other countries

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 Maternity leave in Israel is shorter than in other countries

Paid maternity leave is shorter in Israel than in other countries. According to The Jerusalem Post, this is stated in the work of scientists from the Taub Center for Social Policy Research in Jerusalem. Center researcher Noam Sontag recently studied the impact of the postpartum period on both the future of children and the careers of their parents, especially mothers. The socioeconomic status of mothers was a major factor in determining how quickly new mothers return to work after giving birth. In Israel, a woman who has worked at least 12 in one place, even if the employer has changed, is entitled to 26 weeks of maternity leave, divided into 15 weeks of paid and 11 weeks of unpaid leave. The benefit is paid in one payment to the bank account of the eligible mother. Payments are determined according to their income and cannot exceed NIS 1,521 per day. Meanwhile compared, other countries give more vacation time. In first place is Bulgaria with 58.6 weeks, followed by Greece – 43, Great Britain – 39, Slovakia – 34, Croatia and Chile – 30, Czech Republic – 28, Ireland – 26 and Hungary – 24.

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