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 Israel buries car accident victim in Sinai

Late on July 30, a funeral was held in Israel for one of those killed in a car accident in Sinai. According to Channel 12, hundreds of people accompanied Matan Luzon, who taught at a boarding school in Jerusalem, on his last journey. The man's relatives said many warm words to honor his memory. One of the survivors of the car crash also spoke out. "For two years, a strong friendship has developed between us, you entered my heart. Everyone laughed at us that we were like a married couple. You cared so much for me, you were my protector, my guardian angel,” said his best friend, who survived the accident. The boarding school students were shocked by what had happened. Recall that a serious accident in the Sinai occurred on Thursday. Matan Luzon and the late Yuval Keshet were killed, five more tourists were injured of varying degrees of severity. The evacuation of the wounded to Israel by military helicopters took many hours.

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