In Israel, a wave of re-infections COVID

 A wave of COVID re-infections in Israel

The Israeli Ministry of Health is concerned about the wave of re-infection with coronavirus.

According to Ynet, data from the Ministry of Health show that out of 72,120 new infections detected in the previous day, more than 7,000 people have previously been ill with coronavirus. In addition, there are a few cases of COVID infection for the third time.

Experts, however, noted that they are not surprised by this situation.

According to Professor Cyril Cohen, coronaviruses do not create a long-term immunity.

“There is a variant that differs from earlier strains of the virus, so the immune system does not recognize it in the same way, and in some patients the body behaves as if it had been exposed to a new virus.” Professor Cohen emphasized.

Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Sheba Medical Center Galia Rahav explained that before the emergence of the Omicron strain, there were very few people who got sick again, hardly 1%.

According to experts, reinfections tend to be mild.

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