In India, surgeons removed from a man’s stomach spoon, screwdriver and knife

В Индии хирурги извлекли из желудка мужчины ложки, отвертки и нож

Doctors speculated that the man is suffering from the disease Peak.

In the State medical College named after Lal Bahadur Shastri, located in the Indian district of Mandi, the doctors pulled from the belly of the patient a set of kitchen utensils, tools and personal care products, writes the with reference for Today.

Reportedly, the man complained of severe pain in the abdomen, after which he was brought to the hospital. Doctors x-rayed and found in the intestine of the patient a lot of foreign bodies During surgery, the Indians have removed seven small steel spoons, two toothbrushes, two small screwdrivers, small knife and the rod.

Doctors State medical College. Lal Bahadur Shastri, suggested that the man is suffering from pick’s disease – an eating disorder where people eat things not intended for human consumption.

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Currently the patient is in critical condition in intensive care. Hospital officials hope that soon it will get better.

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