In India have created amazing ice mountain

В Индии создали удивительную ледяную гору

In Ladakh (India) recently appeared artificially created by the glacier. Writes referring to the “Dialogues”.

On construction of the ice mountains, worked by Indian scientist Sonam wangchuck. Walking through native settlements in the late spring, he noticed in the shadow of the bridge the hill of ice that didn’t melt. This gave him the ingenious method of saving water resources to ensure farms. Sonam proposed to build in the mountains special water which from the mountains in the autumn and winter the water will drain. In the process of draining, it will turn into ice and form a roller coaster with a height of half a meter. The specialist noted that such glaciers should be placed in the shade. This will allow to preserve the water reserves.

First Ice Stupa was erected near the monastery Poyang gompa. To create wangchuck gathered on the Internet one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars. This method seemed effective not only to residents of India. Today, Sonam is working on implementing even fifty such orders.

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