“In hysterics”: Abbas was ridiculed for ultimatum to Israel even by Palestinians

Palestinians laughed at Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas for his “ultimatum” Israel.

Abbas said that he was giving Israel a year to “ get out of the occupied territories. '' According to users, the PA chairman did not say anything new.

Some sarcastically questioned whether Abbas was planning to launch a new uprising or return to armed struggle if Israel does not comply with the ultimatum.

“The old man's speech reflects the opinion of less than 19% of our people,” said the Palestinian writer Iyad al-Karrah.

“Wow, I'm sure the Israelis are hysterical over Abbas's ultimatum. This man has become a laughing stock, '' said student Akram Maslamani sarcastically.

“Abbas’s speech in a nutshell: he acknowledged the failure of the PA and Fatah’s policies, that the occupation continues to deny the rights of our people, that the stake on the international community and Palestinian diplomacy has failed,” said journalist Ayman Abed.

In turn, Palestinian analyst Fayez Abu Shamalah recalled how, before Abbas's speech, there were announcements in the media that he was going to say something out of the ordinary.

“They talked about surprises that he will present. about Israelis leaving the region and people clinging to televisions to watch their leader. The truth is that 99% of the Palestinians did not follow his speech and they didn’t care, ”he said.

Even Hamas and other Palestinian groups criticized Abbas’s speech. True, they focused their attention on his statement on holding general elections.

As a reminder, at the UN General Assembly, Abbas said that he would appeal to the International Criminal Court if the Jewish state did not fulfill his condition.

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