In his new solo song nikitiuk sang about potholes

В своей новой сольной песне Никитюк спела про ямы на дорогах

In his new solo song nikitiuk sang about potholes
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Photo: a frame from the video

The presenter presented the first track.

Known Ukrainian TV presenter Les nikitiuk has released a new song called “Yama”. The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the artist.

According to Nikityuk, this song will become the official soundtrack to its author’s TV program LeМаршрутка. In the song there is a speech sings about a love relationship, similar to potholes.

As nikitiuk wrote in his Instagram account the track lyrics written by Tatyana Reshetnyak, and music by Ruslan Kvinta. Presenter thanked them, the entire team of the program LeМаршрутка and Ukravtodor.

Comments note not only the voice of the presenter, but I hope that after this song”, the government will pay attention to the hole.” Informed about the terrible state of Ukrainian roads spoke and actress Olga Sumska. According to the artist, she’s horrified to remember the route N-23 that the Dnipropetrovsk region, where she had to visit as part of their tour to Ukraine.

11 February meeting of “Ukravtodor” Vladimir Zelensky called road biggest problems of Ukraine and stated that the concept of “patching” in Ukraine needs to go.


Olya Polyakova and Andrey Bednyakov staring at Lesya Nikityuk in a narrow Thong

Singer Olga Polyakova and TV presenter Andrey Poor people staring at the photo of Lesya Nikityuk in a Thong. Ukrainian celebrities have left the smilies in the comments



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