In Hawaii, a shark bit off the leg tourists

На Гавайях акула откусила ногу туристу

Sixty-five-year man died after a shark attack while swimming in the American state of Hawaii.

According to the witness, a man from the us state of California, died Saturday after a shark attack while swimming in Hawaii, was pulled up on shore with no legs. Rescuers pulled him from the water and spent resuscitation, but in vain, reports the with reference to the UNN.

“When we got closer, I saw blood on his stomach, and then I saw a little more, and his wrist looked like the skin just came off. And then I looked closer, and his entire left leg from the knee was not” — said the witness.

In the US the family was thrown out a broken ride

According to authorities, during the attack, the man swam to a distance of about 55 meters from shore.

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