In Hannover, children were vaccinated against COVID, but injected with doses for adults

In Hanover, children were vaccinated against COVID, but injected with adult doses

During the mass vaccination, 42 children aged 5-11 years in Hanover, Germany, received an adult dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Pediatricians do not expect special complications, and, in their opinion, one should not be afraid of serious consequences. The parents of the children were notified of the incident by phone and e-mail.

They were also offered medical consultations. The families were apologized. The head of the city, Stefen Krach, emphasized that nothing like this should have happened. According to him, the authorities will analyze the situation and try to prevent recurrence.

“The side effects will be limited to fever and skin reactions,” said Marlene Graf, a spokesman for the city's health department, writes PARIS BEACON.

In Germany, about 60 million people received the two components of the vaccine, or 71.3% of the population. Revaccination was carried out by 32.3 million people, which is 38.8% of citizens.

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