In Hadera, a man almost killed his landlord

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 A man nearly killed his landlord in Hadera

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In Hadera, a 22-year-old tenant nearly killed his landlord after evicting.

Eliezer Tasembo, 22, is known to have attacked the 43-year-old landlord after he was informed of the eviction.

It is reported that the assailant broke into the apartment of the landlord and hit him on the head while he was sleeping. A fight ensued, during which Tasembo pulled out a knife and wounded the man.

The owner of the apartment managed to run out into the corridor and call the neighbors for help. The police arrived at the scene. Before the arrival of the police, the landlord had to fend off the distraught tenant

After the beating, the victim had to spend two weeks in the hospital with numerous injuries. p> Follow us on Telegram

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