In gschs declared an important warning for drivers

У ДСНС оголосили важливе попередження для водіїв

Worsening weather conditions in Ukraine

Rescuers reported deteriorating weather conditions and the consequences of bad weather for drivers. Read more below.

In the press center of the state service for emergency situations said that 4 to 6 February of the country can enjoy the rains with wet snow and strong wind.

“On the afternoon of 4 February in Transcarpathia, Carpathian significant rain and sleet the night of 5 February, heavy snow (increase of the snow cover of 10-20 in the mountains of 35-40 cm); the gusts of 15-20 m/s (in the mountains 25 m/s), blizzards, on roads snow drifts, black ice. 5-6 February in the Central regions of significant snow in the Eastern areas of significant snow and rain in the southern areas of significant rain with sleet in transition, the formation of snow cover height of 10-15 cm; in places ice and sleet sticking; wind gusts of 17-22 m/s, places of 25 m/s, snowstorm; the roads icy; in Kirovograd and Dnipropetrovsk heavy snow, the formation of snow cover with a height of 20-25 cm snow drifts”, – stated in the message.

It is therefore not surprising that on 4 February in Transcarpathia and Ivano-Frankivsk region contains a significant danger of avalanches 3 levels.

У ДСНС оголосили важливе попередження для водіїв

How to control your car in icy conditions

Rules of driving in icy conditions:

  • Choose a speed mode, which will ensure the safety;
  • Follow the traffic rules;
  • Hold a distance between cars when driving in a convoy;
  • Use chains and spikes, to allow the wheels to slip;
  • Promptly change the direction of the car during a skid;
  • Don’t forget about braking while changing the driving mode;
  • Don’t forget about the culture of behavior on the road.

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