In Google Play found a serious problem: “under the threat of all users”

В Google Play обнаружили серьезные проблемы: «под угрозой все пользователи»

Google Play detected a new malicious application that managed to download a users

Malware disguised as a full-fledged cryptocurrency wallet was discovered in the Google Play app store, an expert from Eset, Lucas Stefanko, as he wrote in a blog.

As writes in the blog of the security expert Lucas Stefanko, the aim of the app was the theft of data required to gain access to the Ethereum-wallet users. In particular, it could replace the addresses of wallets that are copied to the clipboard, to the addresses of the hackers.

В Google Play обнаружили серьезные проблемы: «под угрозой все пользователи»

The so-called virus-clipper known to Windows users with at least 2017, and was discovered in the shadow shopping apps for Android in the summer of 2018.

The malware was discovered shortly after its appearance in Google Play February 1 and has been removed from the store. As noted Stefanko, this clipper has hit Google Play for the first time – previously it was a malicious app posing as MetaMask, but they were only able to steal crucial information for gaining access to the cryptocurrency means sacrifice.

Google claims that it regularly scans more than 50 billion apps for viruses, backdoors, spyware, functions, tools phishing, spam and various tricks that enables fraudsters to obtain access to devices and users ‘ personal data. Despite this, cybersecurity experts regularly find malware that masquerades as a game, TV apps and software for remote management.

В Google Play обнаружили серьезные проблемы: «под угрозой все пользователи»

Also earlier it was reported that the new malicious program is settled in a popular app Google Play.

Smartphones on the Android system is still vulnerable to different malicious apps get into Google Play. Despite the fact that the tech giant has improved its own services screening different malicious programs continue to enter the app store, luring users to download them, said cybercasinos Trend Micro.

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At this time, the company found 29 malicious apps on Google Play. In particular, it is a program for image processing that performs hidden malicious activities (can distribute adware and even steal data).

Recall, Google is introducing a new protection technology.

As reported Politeka, Google appeared a convenient opportunity.

Also Politeka wrote that Google Chrome is now available in the new version.

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