In Germany a century woman has become a Deputy of local Council

В Германии столетняя женщина стала депутатом местного совета

In the elections to the local Council in the German town of Kirchheimbolanden won 100-year-old former physical education teacher liesel Heise.

In the German town of Kirchheimbolanden, which is located in the Federal state of Rhineland-Palatinate 100-year-old former teacher of physical culture liesel Heise, was elected Deputy of the local Council, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

It is noted that in a short time she lead the faction “We Kibo” in the local Council. One of the promises made in their election manifestos the intention to reopen the city pool, which is not working last 8 years. It is noteworthy that the 100-year-old MP is active swimmer.

It is reported that in recent months the Guys have gained immense popularity in the media. Although the party list, it was under the twentieth number, she managed to win local elections due to the fact that it enjoys great respect among the inhabitants of the town.

Moreover, the Guys is a Protestant and in the last decade actively participated in the life of the local Church community. Despite his advanced age, the Guys is mentally and physically healthy woman and regularly attends Church service.

Before the municipal elections and the European elections, 100-year-old woman claimed that age is not a barrier if there is a desire to implement political and social changes.

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