In front of the White house in the United States a man set himself on fire

Перед Белым домом в США мужчина поджег себя

Wednesday, may 29, in Washington near the White house, an unidentified man torched himself.

Shocked tourists watched this live as the torch moves across the lawn in the Ellipse Park, which is often called the Presidential Park. It is adjacent to the South fence of the White house, writes the with reference on the Facts.

The man was wearing a sports jumper with the inscription USA. Rushed him to the staff of several American agencies, including agents of the U.S. Secret service, which provides for the protection of the President and first lady. In just a few seconds they managed to extinguish the flames. All, according to eyewitnesses, the stranger was trying to help at least 70 people.

Committed self-immolation were taken to hospital. It is known that he was burned 85% of his skin. The doctors are fighting for the lives of men, however, do not hide, that the chances of it are very few.

The President of the United States Donald trump at a time when the unknown set yourself on fire, was in the oval office. He took part in the ceremony of inauguration of the new Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

American media noted that the man torched himself after a few minutes after his public statement of Robert Mueller.

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Perhaps it’s a coincidence, however, we cannot yet exclude the possibility that the incident of self-immolation is an act of protest. The investigation is ongoing.

Перед Белым домом в США мужчина поджег себя

Перед Белым домом в США мужчина поджег себя

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