In front of shocked fellow travelers: a woman breastfeed a cat on an airplane

In front of shocked fellow travelers: a woman was breastfeeding a cat on the plane

A woman was breastfeeding a cat on the plane in front of the frightened staff and other passengers.

This was reported by the New York Post.

She flew on a Delta Airlines flight from Syracuse, NY to Atlanta, Georgia. On the way, the woman suddenly began to breastfeed her cat.

“The passenger sitting on chair 13A is breastfeeding the cat and does not intend to return the pet to the carrier at the request of the flight attendant”, “ndash; airline employees reported.

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Ultimately, the pilot relayed the strange passenger information to the airport. After the plane landed, she was interviewed by the security personnel, after which she was given a warning.

Stewardess Ainsley Elizabeth spoke about the incident on TikTok, noting that the woman was feeding “ one of those bald cats '', which was she was swaddled in a blanket.

She added that “the flight was met by security,” who asked the woman to stop.

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