In France, the escaped prisoner, who was released to vote

Во Франции сбежал заключенный, которого отпустили проголосовать

In France, one of the prisoners, who was released from prison in order that he could vote in the elections to the European Parliament, did not return to the camera.

In the South-West of France, in the Department of Lot and Garonne prisoner temporarily released from prison so that he could vote in elections to the European Parliament, but he has not returned to the camera, writes the with reference to the Telegraph.

It is noted that the prisoner now considered a fugitive. He was released on Sunday, may 26, from jail around 10:30 in the morning and allowed to vote before noon, however, he never returned to the cell. According to the newspaper Sud Ouest, the man was supposed to serve his sentence in prison until 2022.

It is reported that another prisoner was also allowed to leave prison to vote, but unlike the fugitive, they returned to the chamber at a set time.

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We will remind, on Sunday, may 26, in the majority of EU countries held elections to the European Parliament. According to information in France on the first place received right party “National unification” headed by marine Le Pen. In Evroparlamenta have announced the final results of the European elections after the close of all polling stations in the countries of the European Union.

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