In France, 190 victims of church sexual abuse received compensation

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190 victims of priestly sexual abuse received financial compensation from the French Catholic Church as part of a massive reparations program, AP reported.

A report by the Independent National Body for Recognition and Redress, or INIRR, states that 11 other people received other types of redress. Hundreds of other cases are still pending.

More than 1,180 victims have applied for compensation since the institution's inception, Marie Derain de Vaucreson, head of INIRR, said at a press conference. According to her information, 32% were women and 68% men. Among them, 404 people are currently receiving support from INIRR, and most are pending their cases.

80% of the amounts paid out exceed 20,000 euros, of which 40 people received the maximum amount set at 60,000 euro.

She stressed that most of those who contacted INIRR reported “very serious” crimes, adding that 60% of those who received financial compensation had been raped one or more times. In 58% of cases, the abuse continued for more than a year. They occurred in schools, in the abuser's home, in catechism classes, in youth organizations and other situations, the INIRR report says.

The French Catholic Bishops' Conference agreed to provide compensation after the 2021 report stated it is estimated that around 330,000 children have been sexually abused over 70 years by priests or other figures associated with the church in France.

Estimates are based on a larger study by the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research on sexual abuse over children. The report describes the “systematic” cover-up of violence by church officials.

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