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Який насправді зараз рік

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Tell what year it is from a scientific point of view. What events led chronology of the great civilizations of antiquity.

The Gregorian and Julian calendars (the year 2020 from the birth of Jesus Christ)

The Gregorian calendar, which unites the vast majority of modern countries, including Ukraine, was invented in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII. It replaced the Julian calendar, proposed by astronomers in the era of the Roman Empire.

Islamic calendar (1442 Ah)

The starting point of the Islamic calendar is the relocation of the first Muslims from Mecca to Medina which occurred in 622 (Gregorian calendar). The relocation was triggered by the persecution of Muslims by the local aristocracy. Like the prophet Moses, the Muslim prophet Muhammad led the believers out of town to a safer region.

The Chinese calendar (4717 year of the coming to power of the Emperor Huangdi)

Huangdi, or Yellow Emperor – the first ruler of China, is considered the ancestor of all modern Chinese. According to legends, he conquered the disparate tribes that made up the first Empire came up with the first law. In this period, the calendar, writing, the first bow and arrows, boats with oars, etc. is there such a significant event in the year 2637 BC.

Planetary calendar (4,54 billion years from the formation of the Earth)

According to generally accepted estimates, our planet was formed 4,54 billion years ago. Life originated at 4.1-3.8 billion years ago. Primitive man appeared 2.6 million years ago.

Який насправді зараз рік

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