In England found an unusual ring of Oscar Wilde

В Англії знайшли незвичний перстень Оскара Вайлда

Oscar Wilde
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A gold ring, which belonged to the English writer and poet Oscar Wilde, found two decades after the theft.

On the inside of the ring engraved: O. F. O. F. W. W & H. R. R. to W. W. W., 1876. The initials of the full names of donors and recipients: Oscar Fingal wills Wilde Flirt of his friends, Reginald Richard Harding and William Welsford ward.

The ring gave to William ward after graduating from Oxford Magdalene College, where all three studied. The inscription in Greek on the outside of the ring and says: “the Gift of love who wants love.” The ring was part of a large collection of memorabilia of Oscar Wilde that is stored in his Alma mater, Magdalen College, Oxford University. He was kidnapped on 2 may 2002, the former janitor of the College of Eamon Andrews. It is known that Andrews was drunk at the College bar and hit the library in search of evidence of his wife’s infidelity. At some point the investigation turned into a robbery.

В Англії знайшли незвичний перстень Оскара Вайлда

The College has offered a reward of 3500 pounds for any information that could help return the ring. In 2015, the rumors that on the black market, a Victorian era ring with an unusual inscription, came to the Dutch art critic Arthur brand. He managed to find the owner of the ring and try to persuade him back to Magdalene College.

В Англії знайшли незвичний перстень Оскара Вайлда

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