In Egypt have unearthed the most ancient Christian temple

В Египте раскопали древнейший христианский храм

The discovery was made by the mission of the Center of Mediterranean archaeology of Warsaw University.

Polish archaeologists during the excavations in Egypt, near ancient Alexandria found the Church of the IV century, which is probably one of the oldest Christian churches in this country.

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The remains of a Church were discovered during excavations in the ancient port of Marea, which is located near the city of Alexandria.

In Egypt she conducts research in 2000. The most interesting findings in Maree steel Basilica chapel with burial and the largest collection of fragments of pottery ever discovered in Egypt.

It has been established that Basil acted from V to VIII century ad. In its survey of archaeologists and discovered the remains of a Church built at least in the IV century. This makes it one of the oldest Christian temples found in Egypt.

According to the head of the mission Dr. Krzysztof Babraj, this discovery is very important, as previously no other remains of ancient Christian churches in neighboring Alexandria was found.

“At the end of archaeological season under the floor of the Basilica we came across the remains of the wall, said Dr. Babraj. The analysis showed that it was the outer wall of an even older Church. Form the limestone walls as well as ceramic and glass fragments found within the ruins indicate that the Church dates back to at least the middle of the IV century”.

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The Church was a size 24 at 15 meters. As for the Basilica, it was probably destroyed by an earthquake.

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