In Ecuador, riots in prison, has died

В Эквадоре произошли беспорядки в тюрьме, есть погибшие

The corpse of one of the prisoners were found charred, the other five died from gunshot wounds.

Six persons were killed and one was injured during clashes at the prison in the city of Guayaquil, West of Ecuador. This was reported by local police on Twitter,reports the online edition of the with reference to

“According to recent reports, the incident killed six prisoners and one suffered”, — said the police.

The riots started early in the morning when in prison were hundreds of people visiting their relatives. They witnessed the collision.

The Director of the colony Alfredo muñoz said that the corpse of one of the prisoners found charred, the other five died from gunshot wounds.

The newspaper reported that relatives of prisoners arrived to the prison after reports emerged about the riots. They demanded an explanation, and threw stones at the police and ambulances. About 15 soldiers arrived at the scene to help the police.

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The situation in the prison was brought under control of law enforcement and the Prosecutor’s office started investigation of the incident. It is also reported the arrest of four people.

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