In Ecuador found an amazing spider

В Эквадоре обнаружили удивительного паука

In rag forest of Ecuador discovered a bizarre hybrid of arachnid with “wolf’s head” on the back. Pictures of the creatures was published on Science Alert.

The photo showed arachnologist Andreas Kay. According to specialist a creature from a scientific point of view cannot be called a bunch. It belongs to the arachnid subspecies Metagryne bicolumnata.

Arachnid the creature has a huge eight jointed legs, and instead of the usual body he wears a “dog’s head”. On the body of the spider there are two appendage-like ears, yellow dots – eyes, and even nose.

Arachnologist claims that these creatures are absolutely harmless and e have venom, and they appeared on Earth 400 million years ago before the advent of most of the dinosaurs. These arachnids are very rare in the wild, and they were first discovered в1959 year.


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